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You know that I am a huge proponent of cooking and eating at home.  Cooking is a lost art, but also the best way to eat healthy.  However, cooking requires a little “hunting and gathering” from our modern day forest, the grocery store.  My clients commonly ask me where I shop for food so I thought it would be useful to give you the basics here.  I will start with protein.

If you live in the Metro Detroit area, I recommend the following places for REAL food sourcing.

For Meats and Fish:

My favorite source for animal protein is John Henry’s Meats.  They are a family owned business that humanely “grows” their meat on pasture and fresh country air, without hormones or antibiotics ever!  Their ribeye steak is excellent!  Even better, they deliver straight to your door.  And they sell freezer meals too.  If you don’t know what that is, please attend a freezer meal workshop.  Or host your own!

If you love seafood, I recommend Montana Dan’s at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.  Dan travels to Alaska regularly to bing back all kinds of fish and seafood.  Prices are high compared to the grocery store, but that would be like comparing apples and oranges.  Everything is superb and tastes ridiculouly fresh given that it’s frozen.  He discounts salmon regularly so give it a try!

Across the street from the Royal Oak Farmers Market is the Superior Fish Company, one of the best fishmongers around.

For Eggs:

I buy my eggs from BF&E Organics.  I have become a real egg snob after eating these eggs, and I will drop everything to pick up these eggs every 2 weeks at a Birmingham parking lot!  But if you can’t do that, then just make sure you buy pastured eggs that have not been fed soy or GMO feed.  You can find these at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market.  Next best would be to buy these brands from the grocery store:  Vital Farms pastured eggs, Trader Joe’s organic free-range eggs, and Eggland’s Best organic eggs.  Please avoid most commercial eggs, but if you must eat them, keep them refrigerated and don’t eat them raw!

For Milk:

Please buy REAL milk.  I know we don’t think of milk as a processed food, but homogenizing and pasteurizing is processing and it damages the natural goodness of milk.  And they’ve even started adding SUGAR to milk!     If you are adventurous, I recommending buying a cow share and getting some raw milk from High Hill Dairy through BJ’s Boarding.  Again, you will have to meet at a parking lot to pick up, but it’s so worth it!

If you’re not ready for raw milk, Kalona Supernatural is my favorite brand of milk that is full fat, un-homogonized and gently heated, grass fed, and free of hormones & antibiotics.  Second best would be brands like Organic Valley, Traderpoint Creamery, Oberweis, and Calder Dairy.

For alternative milks like coconut milk, just make sure as much as possible that they are without added sugar and additives (like carrageenan).

For Cheese:

I recommend raw from the farm if you can get it.  If not, here are some good choices:  Applegate, Boar’s Head, Cabot Creamery, Kalona, Kerrygold, Organic Valley, and Trader Joe’s Raw milk cheddar.

For Yogurt:

If you cannot make your own, best store-bought is organic, grass-fed, whole milk, naturally cultured yogurt without sugar and additives.  Here are some healthy brands:  Kalona, Organic Valley, and Brown Cow.

My Favorite Grocery Stores and Delivery Service:

If you are not buying from the local producers, here are some of my favorite local grocery stores where you can find the brands mentioned above:

  • Whole Foods Market, Troy
  • Fresh Thyme, Troy
  • Plum Market, Bloomfield
  • Trader Joe’s, Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak & Bloomfield (my fave for price & quality)

When I don’t have time to get to the store, I order from Door to Door Organics.  They work with local farmers to bring you the best organic produce.  You can also find all kinds of healthy non-perishables too delivered right to your door.

Finally, I haven’t tried this yet but my sister is loving Shipt right now.  It’s a grocery delivery service that ships from Meijer, which I know has various healthy brands too.

Stay Tuned…

Hope these recommendations are helpful.  Please stay tuned for my next post for REAL Food Shopping for Fats!

4 thoughts on “REAL Food Shopping for Protein”

  • So helpful! So comprehensive I can use it as a checklist. I checked things off as already part of my process and then highlighted a new food source to improve. Thank you! Chris

    • Hi, Chris. Thanks for the feedback. I know, it’s sometimes hard to remember all of the “attributes” of healthy protein, which is why I wrote them down finally!

  • Another source for eggs: Bowers Farm (part of Bloomfield Hills Schools) at Square Lake and Adams sells eggs that are produced by the chickens on the farm, gathered, washed, sorted and weighed by students, campers and staff. They are $5.00/box and available year round. Stop in the farm office or look for the farm stand. They are brown, blue, delicious, and all natural.

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