Water is Life


Welcome to the final blog in my Nutrition 101 series.  As you know by now, the foundations of optimal health include digestion, sugar handling, minerals, fatty acids, and the properly prepared nutrient dense diet.  In this post, I will cover why water is important and how to make sure you are getting enough.

Water is the most important nutrient in the body, yet dehydration is the most common nutrient deficiency today. Good old H2O makes up 55-60% of a human’s total body mass, and the vast majority of our cells and body fluids. Most people can go about 8 weeks without food, but only days without water. Why? Because water is essential for so many body processes. 


  1. Transporting nutrients & waste.  Water helps bring nutrients, hydration, and oxygen to our cells, while taking away toxins and cellular waste. 
  2. Cell-to-cell communication.  Water allows cells to communicate with each other more easily and maintain their proper electrical charges. 
  3. Protecting tissues. Water helps cushion bones and joints, absorb shocks to the body, regulate body temperature, and moisten air for easier breathing. 


  1. Add salt & lemon to water.  Try adding a small pinch of unrefined sea salt and a squeeze of lemon to your water. Sea salt contains dozens of minerals and electrolytes and lemon improves taste and aids digestion.
  2. Go easy on the diuretics.  Coffee, tea, soda, and even fruit juice are actually diuretics that can cause dehydration. To  start the day off right, place a glass of water with sea salt and lemon in front of your coffee maker the night before so you are sure to drink it first thing, BEFORE COFFEE.
  3. Sip Water BETWEEN Meals.  Too much water during meals can dilute your stomach acid, and impair your digestion. It’s better to carry a water bottle with you and sip small amounts of water between meals instead.
  4. Filter your drinking water.  I like this water filter.  After tons of research, it is the exact filtration system we use in our home.   Best Filters Coupon code: “Cart12” for 12%Off.
  5. Filter your shower water.   Your skin and lungs absorb dangerous chemicals when you shower.  Here’s my favorite.
  6. Check your pee!  I’m not sure about whether you really need 8 glasses of water each day, but one good measure of whether you’re gettin enough its that your urine should be as clear a possible.  Dark urine is sign that you need to drink more.
  7. Drink water BETWEEN meals. Try to minimize fluid intake during meals as this dilutes the stomach acid needed to digest your meal.
  8. Drink your water from a stainless steel or glass container, try not to use plastic bottles or disposable bottles/cups as they destroy our environment and your health.
  9. Eat LUSCIOUS FOOD.  Keep in mind that all your food and fluids contribute to your water intake as well.  Processed food is NOT luscious!
Remember, water is the MOST important nutrient, because water is LIFE.  Stay hydrated!

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