You may have heard that you can get all of your nutrition from a nutrient-dense diet.  While I will always advocate eating REAL food, I’ve come to the conclusion that we probably need to add some supplements to our diets.  Here are some reasons why….


Nutrient Depleting Medications

How many medications are you taking?  Even if it’s just one, you might want to consider how it may be depleting certain nutrients.  For example, statins like Lipitor are known to deplete CoQ10.  Certain high blood pressure meds are known to deplete Vitamin D, Calcium Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium.  Certain acid reflux medications can deplete Beta-carotene, B1, B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Zinc.  Unfortunately, there are many more medications that can cause nutrient deficiencies. Check out this book to learn about other nutrient depleting medications.


Nutrient Depleting Stress & Environmental Toxins

STRESS!  We all experience it, and I do believe that it’s worse now more than ever.  Leading busy lives with no time for relaxation or play is really hard on our bodies.  Stress is not just psychological but can come from environmental toxic overload, chronic infection, or really anything that demands more from us.  

Chronic stress can lead to deficiencies in Magnesium and B Vitamins.  You might think that your migraines might be stress related, but have you considered magnesium as well?  Supplementing with magnesium works like magic for many people!  Those who’ve taken my RESTART class know that excess sugar (both a stressor and toxin) can also deplete Magnesium and B Vitamins!


Digestive Dysfunction

Digestion is fundamental to good health because it’s how we get those nutrients absorbed and assimilated into our bodies.  Even if you don’t take medications, digestive problems may be impairing you ability to digest and absorb your food.  For example, if you’re not ingesting and digesting enough protein, you may be at risk for anemia in the short term and mood problems in the long term.


Modern Farming

Even if you don’t take medications and have great digestion, there is still the problem of modern farming.  Unless you only shop from small farms or grow your own food, you probably rely on big agricultural farms to grow our food.  Due to soil depletion from modern farming practices, the crops that are grown today are vastly depleted of vitamins and minerals as compared to those grown just decades ago.  Not to mention that foods lose their nutrition traveling long distances to get to us.  Check out this article from Scientific American magazine to learn more.  

While taking supplements is always personal choice, I hope this post helps you to consider why you may need them.  In my next blog post, I will discuss HOW to supplement and with what!

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