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I can’t believe we are half way through December already, and the New Year is soon upon us.  How are you doing?  How are you feeling?  I hope you all are making strides, big and small toward improving your health.  

It’s been my goal since starting Healthy Happy Sprouts to support all of you in your journey to your best health yet.  If you aren’t quite there and need  a jump start in the new year, consider taking a  RESTART class.  It’s the best way that I know to feel better FAST, in just 3 weeks!

Why You Need RESTART?  

  1. Education.  RESTART is really a nutrition class, covering what I consider the foundations of optimal health:  Digestion, blood sugar regulation, and adequate intake of fats (yes, FATS)!  When you learn why you should eat better, you will eat better.
  2. Experience.  Built into the class is a 3-week sugar detox that will help you “cllynguyenean house” and detoxify your body.  More importantly, you will learn how to eat an anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense instead!
  3. Emotional support.  Think you can’t say goodbye to sugar for 3 weeks?  The beauty of RESTART is in the group.  You will find tons of support from your classmates (and me), and it’s a lot easier and more fun to do this all together.


The reason that I keep teaching RESTART is because it WORKS!  We do symptom questionnaire before and after each class, and we get an average of 50% symptom reduction every time.  While RESTART is not a weight los program per se, we do find that most people figure out how to lose weight without much effort.  Other positive changes include better sleep, more energy, improved digestion, and more.

Praise for RESTART

In case you don’t believe me, read on for praise from my RESTART peeps:

I feel like I have more energy, am healthier, and feel able to sustain this change.  Excellent value for the money invested!” —Jim

“For years I wanted to try a cleanse to revamp my diet but thought that I could never live without bread and pasta… Within a few days of starting RESTART, the pounds started to fall off, my energy level skyrocketed and I no longer felt that constant bloated or puffy feeling. That was all the motivation I needed to keep going! RESTART educated me about food and how it affects my body and digestion. I’m truly thankful I found RESTART for my health and the better health of my family.”— Jen

The RESTART class is a great experience for everyone regardless of whether you need to lose weight.  This is a class on healthy eating and taking control of what you are eating. This is easy, informative material to follow.  Having a group adds to the benefits as a support.”— Patti

So if you want to feel better in 2019, join me for RESTART!

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