3 Mindset Shifts to Help You to Lose Weight

Welcome to the third and final installment of my blog series on Weight Loss!  If you missed them, here is the first (on nutrition) and second (on lifestyle factors).

When it comes to losing weight, your mindset can play a big part in whether you are going to be successful. Approaching weight loss from the right mindset can be a game changer for successfully losing weight.  Here are some mindset shifts that could help you to supercharge your weight loss and keep the pounds off!


#1 Take Your Time

Trying to do too much too soon with weight loss can work against you, and this is one of the reasons why fad diets aren’t successful in the long term. You might lose some weight in the beginning, but chances are, this will quickly tail off and depending on your mindset and eating habits. You might even start gaining MORE weight. When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady always trumps a quick fix.  Make weight loss a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t be willing to do for the rest of your life!

You’re a lot more likely to succeed if you go for smaller shifts that add up to bigger lifestyle changes. If you do them every day, they’ll soon become habits. This is more of a long game, and you probably won’t see results straight away.  But you’ll have a better chance of actually achieving your weight loss goals.  


#2 Change Your Relationship with Food

One of the factors that can make it hard to lose weight involves emotional eating. We often eat when we’re not really hungry and because we’re feeling certain emotions.  I love this article on the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger.

Breaking the link between your food and your emotions is a key mindset shift to master if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Moving away fom emotional eating helps you to react to REAL hunger cues so you’ll eat to fuel your body rather than to cope with emotions. When we are stressed, bored, lonely, sad, angry, even happy, we often reach to food for comfort.

A certain situation, or stressor, or even time of day can lead us to “want” a certain food. Becoming aware of this and recognizing it is the first step in changing the pattern. The next step is to Do. Something. Different.

Write down what it is that you REALLY need in that moment. Move to a different place, or just move your body. Drink water. Acknowledge what is really going on and deal with that. Finding ways to address your emotions that don’t involve food can make a huge difference in being able to lose weight naturally.


#3 Find your WHY 

Finally, finding your WHY can help immensely when you want to lose weight. Basing your reasons on being happier or looking good are a lot more likely to fail, because there’s no guarantee that losing weight will actually make you feel good about yourself OR bring you happiness.

Instead of choosing these kind of reasons as your basis for weight loss, try looking at things a little differently. Think of your weight loss as part of a JOURNEY to becoming healthier and not just an end state. It’s a great opportunity to introduce healthy habits into your life that set the stage for improving your health. When your ultimate goal is to live a longer and healthier life, your weight loss will be a nice side effect!

Your weight loss journey can be long and lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.  Please contact me to me if you want to learn more, dig deeper, or just want some extra support!

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