Hello, I’m Ly!

I’m a wife, mother, foodie, wanna-be singer, psychologist, nutritionist, and wellness coach.  And I’m obsessed with home organizing and The Container Store!

My Story

I am a pretty happy person these days, but it wasn’t always so.  Thirteen years ago, my son was born with what seemed like one medical problem after the next.  We struggled for a long time because he was not eating and growing as he should. In fact, he fell off the growth curve! It seemed like he was always sick too, which meant he was eating even LESS.  We went to all the best doctors, but found few answers about how to get him to just eat SOMETHING and not be constantly sick.

I was that “Crazy Mom” that the doctors did not like.  You know the one.  In fact, you might even BE one!  No doctor ever seemed to think that there was something really wrong with my son.  But I KNEW that he was not thriving the way that a little boy should, and I KNEW it had to do with what he was eating (or not).

Meanwhile, I was developing my own set of medical problems like allergies, crazy skin problems, carpal tunnel, weight gain, and just feeling tired all the time.

Recovering Our Health

I knew that having a sick child and feeling miserable was not normal and that there had to be a better way.  I wasn’t going down like that!  So I rolled up my sleeves and did what I knew best: Dig into the research. With the help of some more enlightened health care practitioners, we went gluten-free, dairy-free, ate a nutrient-dense paleo-ancestral diet, and healed our guts!  Little by little, we recovered our health and lived to tell the tale.

I spent so much time researching better health that I decided to go ALL IN and got trained and certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (fancy name for holistic nutritionist) so that I could help others recover their health too.

If You…

  • Have stayed up late at night trying to help yourself or a loved one
  • Are “Dr. Google” but still confused about all the health information on the internet
  • Are tired of doctors telling you that there’s nothing wrong and that you should just relax
  • Are frustrated with conventional medicine and know that you deserve more
  • Are working long hours and want to feed your family better
  • Spend hours in the kitchen but your kids just won’t eat
  • Spend hours in the kitchen, but know there’s got to be an faster and easier way to eat healthy
  • Have a child who’s underweight or overweight
  • Are yourself underweight or overweight
  • Are pulling out your hair because you have a “picky eater”

Then You Need Nutritional Therapy!

If my story sounds like yours, then I FEEL YOUR PAIN!  After 12 years on this journey, I feel healthier and happier than ever.  Our whole family is now eating well and feeling good, and my life’s work is to help YOU achieve the same results.  I’ll help you understand what’s at the root of your health concerns, discover what a nutrient-dense diet is, and figure out how to eat that diet in real life!

FREE 20-Minute Discovery Call

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My Contact Information:

Email:  Ly@HealthyHappySprouts.com
Phone:  (248) 686.2484

My Qualifications

  • Doctoral level Clinical & Community Psychologist (University of Maryland)
  • Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (Nutritional Therapy Association)
  • Licensed RESTART Instructor (The RESTART Program)
  • Member of the American Nutrition Association


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