Healthy Happy Lifestyle Mastermind


Turn your healthy diet into a lifestyle change!  This Mastermind Group helps its members achieve FOOD FREEDOM through education and social support. This group is FREE through May 2019!




Stop dieting and learn how to eat well EVERY day!  Join me for a Mastermind Group, where we support each other in achieving food freedom by creating lasting lifestyle change.

Why this group?

I’ve been  teaching RESTART classes and practicing  nutrition & health coaching for over 2 years now.  In that time, I’ve helped people learn WHAT to eat to feel good and improve health.  But the challenge really is SUSTAINING healthy habits for the long term.  Do you have friends and family who don’t get it?  Is your workplace full of not-so-healthy “treats”?  Then you know what I’m talking about!

Let’s be honest:  Most likely, you already know what to do, but you  need the inspiration, motivation, and SUPPORT to get it done.  Ultimately, your health is your responsibility, but it  “takes a village” to sustain healthy communities. I am calling this a MASTERMIND group because two (or more) minds are better than one.  And I’m betting that this group can help you get further with your health than you can on your own!

What is the program exactly?

I am hearing from most of you that the hardest part of health behavior change is maintaining healthy changes. Anyone can lose weight, but few actually keep the weight off over time.  That goes for ANY sort of health challenge, not just weight loss.  

My VISION for this program is to create a community of health, starting with YOU.  My STRATEGY is to round up as many health seekers as possible for regular conversation and support around becoming and staying healthy, no matter where you are starting from.  

What are we going to talk about?

Food Freedom! I would like to begin the Healthy Happy Lifestyles group with a book.  We will read “Food Freedom” by Melissa Hartwig (of Whole30 fame), which reveals next steps for those you who have just completed RESTART or another reset/ diet and want to know how to keep it going!  For those who have not completed any program but just want to build and maintain healthy habits, this book will help you too.

What else will we do?

We will have ongoing conversations on improving our health.  Here are some of my ideas for keeping the conversation going:

  • Monthly or bi-weekly meet-ups to provide education and support around nutrition AND health behavior change.
  • Priority enrollment for “Restaurant Reviews,” where we meet at local restaurants for food, fun, and practicing how to eat healthfully regardless of where we go!
  • Priority enrollment for “Supper Club,” where we will meal prep together for the week or for the month.
  • Priority enrollment for cooking classes with Chef Lauren, where we’ll learn how to get back to the kitchen while NOT spending all day there!
  • Priority enrollment for all other group programs and activities.
  • And whatever else YOU have in mind!

OK, sounds good, but what will this cost?

This program is FREE from March-May 2019.  Regular pricing will be announced in June 2019.

Where and when?

To Be Announced… We will meet at local destination and time based on availability of group members, and possibly on Video Conference as well.

How do I join?

Simply purchase on this website, and I’ll follow up with more details. Remember, first 3 months are FREE to charter members!

How can I get started TODAY?

If you haven’t taken the RESTART Program yet, or want to take it again, please sign up for my RESTART Online Program.  You will receive all the materials online, and we will meet online or by phone in 5 weekly private coaching sessions.  This is the perfect way to transition to our Healthy Happy Lifestyles group.  Click here to join RESTART Online.



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