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My doctor gave me a physical, and she said she can’t believe how I have progressed since following your consult putting me on a path to good nutrition.  My throat has stopped burning, and I have lost 18 lbs.”



“It is difficult to boil down into a short paragraph, the incredible ways that Ly has helped to educate and supported my family along our wellness journey. Six months ago, Ly began working with me – a slightly frazzled, over-scheduled Mom who was definitely lacking in many nutritional areas. With warmth and the most caring, nurturing approach, I was taught which important foods and nutrients have been missing from my diet, and which healthy eating and wellness habits would help me to feel my best! Sure enough, armed with a new education, a fantastic, custom plan of action, and Ly’s ongoing support, I was soon feeling a more healthy and vibrant version of me! It was such a positive and dramatic shift, that I soon brought our eleven-year-old son to Healthy Happy Sprouts, seeking help with his picky eating. With great understanding and empathy, Ly worked with our child to weave fun and encouragement into finding foods that he loved and were good for him! Right away, we left our initial meeting with a slew of enjoyable and nutritious ideas on how to transform picky eating into peaceful eating. Today, we are a whole new set of eaters. We feel better and more energized, body, mind and soul. The impact that she has made is tremendous, and the wellness habits that we have learned will last us for the rest of our lives.  I can not thank Ly enough, for truly listening to our needs, and helping my family to become healthier, happier and more whole than we have ever been before. Thank you Ly!”

– Lauren 


“I am an overweight, unhealthy, obese person.  That being said, I have been receptive to change as long as I can understand why I am not feeling my best.   I am prone to headaches, body aches, PMS and have acid reflux. I have started to slowly put better habits into my life to enable me to live a more healthy lifestyle.  It has been eye opening and interesting to see what some small changes and education can do to make me feel better.  I am thankful for the program and information that Ly has provided me.  She continues to support my decisions and continues to coach and encourage me to make better lifestyle choices.  What Ly has done for me with education and support has changed my life.  I would recommend her program to anyone.”




“For years I wanted to try a cleanse to revamp my diet but thought that I could never live without bread and pasta. Was it easy? No. Was I perfect? No. Within a few days of starting RESTART, the pounds started to fall off, my energy level skyrocketed and I no longer felt that constant bloated or puffy feeling. That was all the motivation I needed to keep going! RESTART educated me about food and how it affects my body and digestion. I’m truly thankful I found RESTART for my health and the better health of my family.”



I feel like I have more energy, am healthier, and feel able to sustain this change.  Excellent value for the money invested!”



It is a great program I have not felt so good in a long time.  I hesitated for years to try the RESTART program because I thought it would be too drastic.  I finally felt that I needed to stop the spiral of food consumption and figure out why I was feeling awful most of the time.  The first week into this program was the worst week ever with a headache for three days.  After I powered through this feeling I was home free.  The weekly support meetings, the education and the instructor being very readily available by phone and email was was made me persevere through the 21 days.  This was an awesome program and I felt very supported.  It was an eye opener and I felt very educated and in control of my body.  The only thing I can tell people is it is worth it, make sure you prep your meals every three days, and power through the first week and it will help you tremendously.”



The RESTART class is a great experience for everyone regardless of whether you need to lose weight.  This is a class on healthy eating and taking control of what you are eating.  We all need to consciously look at labels.  This is easy, informative material to follow.  Having a group adds to the benefits as a support.”



“Restart got me off of gluten and sugar and on my way to better health. My story is really about being patient and finding what works for me. I think you talked about that—saying that everyone is different. My journey was about health. It began with eliminating gluten and sugar. I would not have progressed, in my opinion, otherwise. Weight loss was the great bonus. If it was only about weight loss, I might have given up because I only lost a couple pounds in the first 8 weeks. Grateful for restart for getting me…started.  I think another important point is that you work in tandem with a Doctor. Dr. B. told me more than once that it would be good for me to do the Restart program. She also did the blood work to help me fine-tune as I went along—like, finding out that I should not continue with saturated fat. It has been up to me to do the work, but the start with you and the support from her were all part of my success. Over seven months now, I went from diabetes to pre-diabetes, and I have no desire to go back to eating the way I used to.

I really like the RESTART program because I felt really supported by the group and excited about learning.”



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