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The RESTART Program

***NEW for 2019*** 
The RESTART Program is now available ONLINE,
with self-paced learning and weekly private coaching!

The 5-week RESTART® program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from having to process toxins like sugar.  With a 3-week sugar detox built right in, the program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut sugar and carb cravings.  No pills, shakes, or powders.  Just REAL, nutritious food.  Discover how good you can feel!

RESTART is the fastest way I know to feel better fast!  I recommend this as an economical entry point to nutrition counseling.  After completing RESTART, you will have the best nutrition information you’ll need to really go deeper on your specific health concerns if you so choose.  Or, you might be done in just 5 weeks!

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For best results and at a lower cost than individual sessions, I recommend a 1-, 3-, or 6-Month Package.  I find that people do best when they commit to working on their  health more consistently, over a period of time.

Discovery Package

This 1-month package is for those needing a nutritional assessment and plan of action, or those who want to make just a few changes to their already healthy diet.  Perfect for the DIY’er needing a little advice!

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Jumpstart Package

This 3-Month package is for those who need a nutritional assessment but also want help implementing a plan of action for better health.  We begin with the foundations of optimal health: A nutrient-dense diet and optimal digestion. In the course of 3 months, you can expect weight loss, more energy, better sleep, clarity of mind, improved mental health,  and more!

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Deep Dive Package

This 6-Month package is best for those struggling with significant health challenges, chronic conditions, or and/or difficulty maintaining healthy habits. In the course of 6 months, we will work on symptom relief by implementing a nutrient dense diet and optimizing digestion. We will also work on creating SUSTAINABLE lifestyle changes leading to  permanent weight loss, more energy, better sleep, clarity of mind, improved mental health, and more!

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A la Carte Sessions

You will start by completing an intake questionnaire, a symptom survey, and 3-Day food journal.  Then we meet for an Initial Consultation (60 minutes), when I gather your health history and current concerns. There is also an option for a Functional Evaluation as well, where I perform a physical exam (fully clothed) to better understand your possible nutritional deficiencies.

After consideration of all evidence gathered, I will present my “Nutritional Recommendations Report” in a follow-up sessions.  Together, we then create a plan of action to work on in future appointments.  

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Other Services

  • 60-Minute Nutrition Consultation.  If you are not yet ready to invest in a package or individual sessions, I offer a 1 hour session where we review your health history, current concerns, and health goals, and create a plan of action to get to your best health.  This consultation does not include any formal assessment or the “Nutritional Recommendations Report” described above.
  • 30-Minute Ask Me Anything (AMA) Call.  If you just want some advice on any aspect of nutrition and lifestyle change, call me and Ask Me Anything!

Discovery Call

I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation so that we can get acquainted and see if we are a good match.  This is your chance to ask questions about working together!

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